Soffit Insulation


With building designers and owners facing increased energy costs and more stringent regulations, solutions are now available to meet the highest demands of current building legislation. These solutions not only include the thermal performance but also associated requirements which may include acoustic and fire protection.

Thermal Insulation

The installation of phenolic, mineral wool or glass fibre insulation boards satisfies the thermal insulation performances currently set out in Part L of the Buildings Regulations. Phenolic materials offer the thinnest solution, whereas mineral wool or glass fibre materials offer a lower cost option.

Various finishes are available, including plain facing, or an aluminium foil face, where the finish is more demanding. A calcium silicate facing board is available with these materials and is particularly suited where the insulation could be exposed to impact.

Fire Protection

Mineral wool and glass fibre insulations have been tested for the fire resistance to BS EN 1363-1: 1999 and provides up to 240 minutes fire protection to a concrete soffit.

Both of these products are non-combustible and achieve a reaction to fire classification of A1. By applying the calcium silicate facing board to the phenolic insulation, similar properties can also be achieved.