Optimum Fire Protection takes Data Privacy very seriously. The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) gives effect to this constitutional right of privacy by requiring safeguards for personal information processed by public and private bodies and comes into effect 1 July 2021.  Optimum Fire Protection adheres to both worldwide and local data protection laws (POPIA), and has viewed the introduction of new privacy laws as an opportunity to further enhance our data privacy and information security standards, and the efficiency with which we process personal data.

We have embarked on the POPIA compliance journey and have ensured that we adhere to the 8 Principles of POPIA. We have appointed an Information Officer and Deputy Information Officers to ensure that personal information of our customers, suppliers and employees are protected. Our established Data Privacy team works to ensure a common approach exists to collecting, processing and protecting personal data. Combinations of existing and new channels have been developed to embed our enhanced data privacy processes and procedures, along with system security. Training has been provided to ensure all relevant employees have an end-to-end understanding of the rights of the individual whose personal information we process.

We have performed an analysis of personal information that is collected, processed and retained and also conducted risk assessments to protect personal information. We have also made sure that our contractual arrangements with our third parties whom we supply personal information to are adequate. Transfers of personal information outside South Africa are done so with an appropriate level of legal and contract governance that reflects data protection legal requirements.

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