Scope of Works

Supply & Installation of fire stopping & structural fire protection.

We installed the following fire protection Hilti CP670 coated panel system, Hilti CP636 structural fire rated mortars, and Hilti CP606 Intumescent joint seals, Nullifire SC801 120-minute intumescent coating to structural steel. We also installed an 86m2, 4 motor, Automatic Fire Curtain from Firecurtains UK


Mota-Engil Construction South Africa

Fire Consultant:

Spoormaker & Partners

The exciting master plan for Fourways Mall includes the addition of 90 000 square metres to the centre, which will see it grow to approximately 170 000 square metres – transforming it into a super-regional shopping centre, on our doorstep. This expansion will be within the confines of the existing footprint/parking area and will join the existing mall and the ‘Game Centre’ as well as the smaller Fourways View centre.

OFP were asked to provide several services to Fourways Mall.

OFP has provided fire stopping to all the shops and fire escape passages and staircases installing CP670 coated panels and CP636 mortars, as well as providing fire protection to the structural steels using Nullifire SC801. We were also contracted to install a 86m2, 4 motor, Automatic Fire Curtain